The winner is…

l>r Andy Milnes, Eric Johnson

Kelly Galloup  donated one of the new St. Croix ‘Bank Robber’ rods to be raffled off during his seminar last week.  Over one-year in the making, the ‘Bank Robber’ streamer rod was designed by Kelly with the St.Croix staff.

Schrems Membership chair Andy Milnes presentedthe rod to lucky winner  Schrems member Eric Johnson .

Thanks Kelly and congratulations Eric.

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  1. November 12, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    By Donald Larmouth June 29, 2011 – 9:28 amIn response to the arltcie on the Tenkara rods, here are my observations. Japanese trout streams have fast rapids and shallow pools where a clumsy angler will know swift defeat, for the trout are quick, alert, and cautious. The contrast between the mountain streams of Japan and the smooth currents of the Driftless Area streams of southwest WIsconsin could not be greater, but for each, the Tenkara system has equal potential.Successful anglers in the Driftless Area are dealing with small wary trout, but if the angler is stealthy the Tenkara system affords significant advantages. The Tenkara angler can hold his furled line so that only the tippet portion of the leader touches the water. He can control his false casts with few if any mistakes.The Tenkara system has also been successful in a still water environment. In this situation, the angler makes a cast and leaves the fly on the surface. He can drag or twitch the fly to attract a strike or cast from a drifting boat. In Ireland, this is called dapping . The anglers attach a kind of windsock to their lines and control the presentation by raising or lowering the windsock as it moves above the surface. The long light line of the Tenkara system can substitute for the rather clumsy system used in Ireland.The Tenkara equipment is straightforward: a light long rod which telescopes into a two foot tube, a furled line, a tippet, and very light flies. It allows the angler to cast in small spaces with light fliesMy personal experience suggests that the Tenkara system is not limited to fast mountain streams and can readily be adapted to other environments.Donald LarmouthGreen Bay. Wisconsin

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