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  1. David Smith
    December 10, 2007 at 7:13 pm

    Great timing Drewman!

    TU National (or TUNA as we affectionately call them) has just published a report on climate change.

    Written by TU scientists, the report looks at the impact of climate change on trout and salmon around the country and gives recommendations for what can be done to help build resistance and resilience for fish and the rivers and streams where they live.

    The report includes “10 Steps to Protecting Trout and Salmon From Climate Change,” providing concrete examples of what TU chapters and members and other anglers can do to protect local streams and rivers from the effects of climate change.

    The report cites a number of studies that show that climate change may dramatically affect fish and watersheds all over the U.S.–from the Appalachians to the Pacific Northwest. The authors make the case that by protecting, reconnecting, and restoring already impaired natural systems, we can help. In doing so, trout and salmon can recover their resilience while also protecting human communities from the effects of a warming climate—the forest fires, floods, and droughts that are here, and predicted to increase.

    You can download the report at:

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