1 comment for “Asian carp DNA found in Lake Michigan

  1. Sixtysix
    January 20, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Remember what the Bible says that everything that’s right will be wrong and everything wrong will be right.
    From what I gather on the press, blogs, white house, etc. they are not going to stop the invasive Carp. All rivers and streams flow into Lake Michigan and everything that the DNR and Sportsman have done for decades will be undone. Like our Constitution, and freedom Trout Unlimited’s days are numbered, Flies only and Blue Ribbon Trout & Salmon Rivers will become something we can only tell our children and grandkids about Once upon a time in Michigan. Also remember our puppet Governor is very good friends with Hillery Clinton if that doesn’t scare you start looking for a recipe for Silver Carp.

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